Sunday, 12 August 2012

Morgan magic!

Oh sod the fan! The problem is going to be sorted, so just let's enjoy this great drive in glorious sunshine around the River Ribble estuary from home to Life's Motors in Southport.

The 'Shrine'

That was my attitude yesterday morning and the prospect of feasting my eyes on a wide selection of the little beasts was heightening my enthusiasm. What is the collective noun in relation to Morgans anyway?

Could it be a muster, a medley or perhaps, and possibly very appropriately, in view of the title of the  MSCC magazine,  a miscellany of Morgans!'

Lord Street, Southport, Lancashire
It's always a pleasure visiting Southport, a lovely town with an excellent shopping centre and more importantly, it is the home of the 'shrine', a veritable cornucopia for Morgan enthusiasts.

Wayfarers Shopping Arcade
Although our visits inevitably mean parting with well earned dosh, either on the Morgan or on my navigator who enjoys whiling away her time supporting the local departmental stores, they are a friendly bunch of people who work at the dealership and we always have a good laugh when we are there.

Where's the sea?

There was an interesting collection of cars in stock including a 2006 V6 Roadster that had a custom made luggage box fitted. It is removable and the original luggage rack can then be easily re-fitted, but an interesting feature that apparently cost about £2000 to produce!

After taking a few photos, we stepped out into the metropolis that is Southport and enjoyed a very pleasant couple of hours browsing the shops and strolling on the promenade, vainly searching for the sea which at low tide in Southport disappears to the far horizon.

Job done!
The mobile rang informing us that the car was ready and we made our way back.

As far as I can understand, the fan assembly is plastic and all the retaining lugs molded into the unit failed. The unit has now been upgraded with a predominantly metal frame to hold the unit securely in place and I do not expect any further problems. However, if you own a Mog of 2008ish vintage it might be worth checking that the fan unit is still connected to the back of the radiator!!!

New upgrade fitted

The upgrade prompted me to have a much speedier drive home, knowing that nothing was likely to drop off!

By the way, I am assured that the application of silicon in the appropriate places has ensured that when I emerge from the car, after a drive in the wet, I shall now have no need to make efforts to conceal one saturated trouser leg, fearing that I could mistakenly be accused of incontinence!!! 

At my age you've got to be very careful!

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