Friday, 10 August 2012

Morgan 'clatter-search' success!

Well it has been a success, in the sense that I have found the cause of the dreadful 'clattering' sounds heard both yesterday and on our Brittany trip.

After crawling around under the car for about 10 minutes, shaking everything in sight, the culprit was found.

Flopping around without any means of support was the fan unit, immediately behind the radiator. Frankly, I am staggered that after only 18,800 miles, over 4+ years, the fixing lugs, two at the top, that are screwed in and two at the bottom, have severed under normal driving conditions! No untoward damage has ever been sustained by the car, thank goodness, so nothing whatsoever has happened that might have caused these to sheer, except poor quality materials/manufacture. No excuse for this whatsoever and I just hope the damn thing is guaranteed!!!! Some hope!

Thank goodness I didn't find the cause while we were abroad, otherwise my navigator would have been worrying the whole time.

Anyway, we're driving into Life's in Southport tomorrow and they will hopefully fix it.

While I was on the phone fixing the appointment, I mentioned the leak, the one that drenches the shin on my accelerator leg. Fortunately, they know how to cure the problem which apparently arises from a 'stupid', their words not mine, horizontally fixed rubber gromit. The problem is solved by the application of copious amounts of silicon over the offending item!

The mention of silicon brings to mind another use for the spray version of the stuff which I have recently started using on the padded bits on the inside of the sidescreens. It seems to totally eradicate the annoying chafing noises that eminate from the screens and I hope will also lessen the wear on the paintwork where these places touch the body.

However, since I have found traces of paint on the inside of the screens after removal, and just as a precaution, I have contacted the factory about the desirability of using silicon on a water based paint system, which mine is ie 2008 4/4.
I'll keep you posted with their response.

Happy days!!!!

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