Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ballooning Hood!

Travelling on the M6 Toll on our return from Brittany, a car drew alongside us and I assumed it was yet another photo opportunity but couldn't see the lens of a camera.

Instead, and it was quite a surprise I can tell you, I saw the beautiful face of my youngest sister sitting next to her husband in their Porsche 911 Targa. The Services at Norton Canes was just a short distance so we pulled off to have a natter.

It turned out that they were on their way from their home in Beverley to visit a cottage they have bought in Shropshire.

As we chatted my brother-in-law asked, "Did you know that your hood balloons when you are driving?", to which I replied that I wasn't in the least surprised with all the draughts coming into the cockpit via the sidescreens!

A crude form of air conditioning I suppose, but what I should also have said was that this is a design feature of the car, to increase headroom!!!!!!

Funny what you think about when you're busy getting the Morgan back into tip-top condition following a big drive.

Today I've greased the suspension, cleaned the wheels, washed the car, cleaned the engine, valeted the interior with both vinyl and leather cleaner, fed the leather, cleaned the carpets, cleaned and polished the brightwork and finally touched up that minute blemish on the rear wing following the incident in France.

The car looks great and with a decent forecast at least for tomorrow morning (what a climate!) I shal go for a short drive to make sure that I've fitted the wheels properly!!

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