Monday, 16 July 2012

Very excited indeed!!

Two days to go and we're off, with the mounting excitement giving me the 'colly-wobbles'!

Every time we are planning a trip in the Mog I get the same sort of feeling, a mixture of excitement, expectation, apprehension perhaps, feelings that will not diminish until I lock the damn thing away at the end of the drive.

Our cluttered dining table!
Viewing the weather forecast for Wednesday, it seems clear that we shall be driving in very heavy rain, so the bits of towelling we keep in the Morgan will be needed to block up any leaking orifices, as was graphically illustrated in the video, on the Company website, of the new Plus 8 being delivered to Geneva for its launch, although they used sections of the 'Guardian' newspaper for the purpose of catching the deluge!

The trouble with living in the north of England is the long drive, 270 miles in this instance, to reach the Channel ports, but then again, what the hell! Morgans are for driving and as I've said many times before, I get heartily sick of seeing all those for sale with ludicrously small mileages!

...and equally cluttered guest bedroom!

Final preparations are still underway, the automatic watering system for the garden is on, which is a bit of a laugh given the likely weather, reading material has been selected (one book each), luggage has been reduced to a minimum, the camera batteries charged along with my electric razor, maps and itineries have been checked, euros have been bought and distributed, one for me and six for 'er indoors' ( the usual division of assets!) and we're nearly ready.

The sooner I can start loading the Morgan the better and oh, the joy of that moment when we set off on our journey to Brittany and hopefully at least a few sun-kissed days with the top down, soaking up the atmosphere of France once again.

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  1. Chris,
    I wish you both a very exciting end enjoyable trip.