Monday, 11 June 2012

Up the Tower!

Having your grandchildren staying with you brings countless pleasures but there are also associated risks, like finding that your computer printer is defunk, only to find on further inspection that there is a 20p piece embedded in its innards. Oscar had decided to use the thing as a money box!!

However, the pleasures are many, with highlights such as family BBQ's, picnicking by a moorland stream and enjoying the childish pleasures of a lost youth,  rolling up your trousers to re-create the dam you built, in almost the very spot, all those years ago.

Great fun, but the best experience, at least for my lovely 6 year old grand-daughter and me, was to go up Blackpool Tower.
Re-painting in progress
On the basis that we only had two complimentary tickets from 'Tesco' and as the others were all feigning vertigo, it was decided by the 'committee' that the old buffer should accompany his grand-daughter, I suspect on the basis that as I was the oldest, I had the least to lose if, due to my weight, I crashed through the newly installed 5 cms thick glass viewing platform to an untimely death, while I suppose my grand-daughter would float gently to the ground!

Anyway we both enjoyed ourselves immensely, both of us tackling the 'Walk of Faith' with a measure of aplomb that would have left the quivering group at ground level dumbfounded!
View from top looking south

The Tower, inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, was built in 1894, is 518feet 9inches high, takes 7 years to paint (they were at it while we were there) and it takes the lift 69 seconds to get to the top. ""

On the 'Walk of Faith'
We loved it and when I suggested to Olivia that, as she was going to the Circus in half an hour, we had better go down she was rather disappointed.
Blackpool, an unashamedly loud, brash place, with not an ounce of sophistication, was built for fun, and that is precisely what our family and the thousands of others there were doing, having FUN. There is nowhere like it!

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  1. very jealous!!! reminiscent of my trip up the Petronas Towers in KL (Kuala Lumpur) doncha know?!!!!