Sunday, 17 June 2012

Seize your opportunities.....

......and on this occasion it was some very rare sunny weather that resulted in the Morgan being rolled out of the garage.

But, first things first. I had decided yesterday that unless I did something to the sun-visors, which annoyingly refused to stay in an upright position, they would have to go. In fact they are of little value anyway, apart from being decorative perhaps, only being useful if travelling into a sun that is very low on the horizon.

Ignoring the advice that I had previously received from some fellow Morgan drivers on 'Talk Morgan', who facetiously advised me to visit the local Pharmacist who might be able to cure the problem, I resolved to solve it.

I should say that the visors in question are the leather cloth covered variety, supplied I think by the factory and not the perspex type.

These were removed and I was well on the way to improving their operation, that appears to rely on the friction created between the tube running along the length of the top of the visor and two rods, inserted at either side, that are screwed into the lugs at the top of the windscreen. This friction was increased by very careful hammering to compress the tube slightly.

All was well when completing a test fitting until one of the lugs in the frame of the windscreen broke off! 

In an engineering sense these appear to be a very weak element in the construction of the frame, not having a back plate/flange that would make them impossible to break off, and only appear to be lightly brazed into position.

Anyway, that incident resolved my dilemma, and when I had super-glued the lug back into position, I decided that, although I think the resulting repair is as sound as the original, I was not going to re-install the visors. They have been stored for posterity. BUT ANY MORGAN DRIVERS WITH SUN VISORS, BE WARNED!

But the car was there, resplendent as usual and just begging to be taken out. My original plan had been to do some gardening, but you know how it is, the sun was shining and in the UK you never know when its going to shine again so there was nothing else I could do, I just couldn't ignore my instincts! So the Mog was cranked up and was driven off down the pot-hole riddled roads that surround us and into the pot-hole riddled local countryside. 

I had a lovely drive lasting about an hour, just pootling around in the sunshine and, I have to say,  I didn't miss those sun-visors at all!

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