Tuesday, 12 June 2012

"He who has owned a Morgan has not lived in vain!"

This is a quote from a Swedish Morgan Owner who I hope doesn't mind me using it in my blog, for it encapsulates everything that is so special about Morgan ownership, and one of those delights is planning a lengthy drive, which is what I am starting to do, in preparation for our Brittany trip. Nothing better to get the pulse racing!

I have sourced my headlamp deflectors from 'Amazon' at £4.19, as opposed to £9.95 at Halfords and they are on their way. The breathaliser kit that is now required for driving in France is available from Halfords at a competitive price, so we'll get that shortly, and everything else that is required, such as reflective jackets etc., we already have from our previous trips to the continent. However,  one further item that I need to update is our main map of France and this has now has been ordered from 'Amazon'. Our more detailed driving map of Brittany is only a couple of years old so it will be fine.

Our route itineraries have already been printed out, using the Via Michelin website http://www.viamichelin.co.uk/ and they show that the minimum mileage we shall be covering is 1114 plus of course any pootling about we do when in Brittany. The website 'Mappy' is also excellent for this purpose, http://en.mappy.com/.

Making the most of some very rare good weather, I have just had a quick blast to Fleetwood, a former major fishing port on the Lancashire coast. Always a pleasure to look at the sea and the various boats and ships plying their business in Morecambe Bay, a reminder of how pleasant it is to live near it.

My return trip was via Cleveleys where I happened to stop at a local Fishing Tackle Shop because your hero has decided that after 45 years or so, he might like to once more cast a line into the sea and catch a fish or two. This newly found interest was brought about to a certain degree, when my grand-daughter and I met and spoke to a chap who was fishing at Knott End on Sea on the Lancashire Riviera and I am still considering the possibility. It could be achieved for a small outlay and would give me yet another interest apart from bloody Morgans, gardening and of course my long-suffering spouse!

Mileage on my 2008 Morgan is now 17500 or so, which proves that at least this little beauty is being used and not cossetted and cocooned for posterity in a controlled environment! It should be said that up to date we have enjoyed totally trouble-free motoring and by the end of this year I suspect that mileage may be pushing 20000.

One of the benefits of writing a 'hugely successful blog' is the attention that is given to you by those in very high places. Imagine my delight to be invited to take my place on the Royal barge during the Jubilee Flotilla!...... Sadly, only in my dreams, courtesy of the pictures from BBC HD television that I took with my own camera via the television.

I thought that the photographic coverage of the event by the BBC was great, but overall it was absolutely appalling, with no detailed descriptions of any of the various vessels taking part, being made by the presenters. The unfortunate viewers, including me, had to endure, with the exception of the delightful Clare Balding, whose research is always impeccable, the tedious, inane flippancies of the lightweight 'celebrities/personalities' taking part. Important national occasions warrant substantial commentators. Huw Edwards and Clare would have been fine or alternatively, bring back the Dimblebys!!

 FORTUNATELY WE WERE ALL PROTECTED FROM THE RAIN!!!!!!!!                                                                                 

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