Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Foot Wear!

Some weeks ago I noticed, having driven around 17000 miles in the 4/4, that a small area of the drivers car mat was showing significant wear, from the heel of my right shoe as it operated the accelerator pedal.

The prospect of 'forking out' a load of money to replace the mat did not fill me with any enthusiasm, in fact the prospect of approaching the custodian of the family coffers ( 'er indoors ) about any such expenditure would have been painful and foolhardy in the extreme, so I had to think of a more economical way of dealing with the matter.

What a boring picture!
I then recalled a time in the past, when I was sitting at the local railway crossing, in the drivers seat of our then brand new Volvo S70, waiting for the 10.37 from Blackpool to Poulton-le-Fylde and all stations to York, that I was distracted by a beautiful young lady entering the Hairdressers opposite. This unexpected awakening caused me to lessen the grip on the mouthpiece of the pipe that was smouldering in my mouth, causing hot ash to be showered over my trousers and the velour covered front seat!

It must have seemed to the driver sitting patiently behind, that the occupant of the car in front had suddenly been attacked by a swarm of hornets, as his arms thrashed and flailed about in a panic to extinguish any  major conflagration.

However, immediately after successfully negotiating the crossing, I stopped to review the damage to my trousers, any part of my anatomy and most importantly the car seat. Oh doom and damnation, there it was, a neat hole with a brown burnt border, in the plush grey upholstery.

I drove home in utter misery, crept in and buried myself in the 'Yellow Pages', where I found a likely looking car upholsterer, who I felt might take pity on a poor, stricken, pipe smoking Volvo driver who had by this time broken into a series of cold sweats.

This splendid fellow did a first class job, in very short time, to almost erase the hole and in fact I can't remember now whether or not I even mentioned the saga to my wife at all, or indeed whether she even noticed the slight blemish.

Another boring, but practical image!
Anyway, this was the man I would turn to with my Morgan mat

The decision was made to do what I think the factory should do on all appropriate models and that would be to extend the area covered by the protective rubber covering as shown in the photos. This does not in any way detract from the beauty of the carpeted area and yet serves as a truly practical protection to an area that is bound to wear.

DONE IN 24 HOURS, COST..... A MASSIVE  £15, and even then I think I gave him an extra fiver!

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