Saturday, 2 June 2012

Death on the Lawn?

It was time that I had a haircut, so as usual I collared my dear wife who was a hairdresser many years ago and who possesses the necessary skills in abundance to tackle my miserable, diminishing white locks!

So there I sat in the kitchen contemplating the tasks that I had to complete on what was a beautiful day, as she snipped away, adding to the pile of silver hair that already lay on the kitchen floor.

It doesn't take her long to complete the job and having showered and eaten my breakfast, I was ready to attack the day.

I decided that the first job was to mow the lawns, so having brought the lawn mower from the garage I made my way through the little arch that leads on to the lawn at the rear of our house.

Horror of horrors, clearly there had been another attack by one of the feral cats that are currently plaguing us, depositing their mess in the flower and vegetable beds and attacking the already rapidly diminishing bird population!

The sad pile of white feathers on the lawn was clear evidence of this.....except that on closer inspection it seemed to be human hair....MINE!!!

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