Monday, 21 May 2012

First picnic of the year!

At last the English weather gave us the opportunity to drive for a picnic in the 4/4 and what is more I think that the weather this week is expected to get even better.

Ready for off!

The village of Scorton ready for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations

We visited one of our favourite spots, around 20 miles away, in the area known as the Bowland Forest, much of which is owned by the wealthiest Englishman in Britain, the Duke of Westminster. Anyway a quick phone call, mentioning  that we would be arriving in the Morgan, was all it needed for him to agree to let us visit!!

Our driver!

What better way to spend a few hours!

There is no doubt that we are lucky to have such lovely countryside and wonderful driving roads so close, although occasionally I do need reminding of this...perhaps familiarity breeding contempt!

The photographs we took tell the story, but did not capture the sound of a cuckoo that was lovely to hear.

The road home.

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