Thursday, 12 April 2012

With weather like this..... can you fail to roll the machine out of its garage and revel in the experience.
Skippool Creek

But there was another reason that influenced this rather easy decision and that was to try and rectify the ghastly photographs that I had been forced to include in my last two posts, caused by me not adjusting the white balance after taking a number of shots indoors over Easter.

No doubt my HUGE number of regular followers worldwide will have already noticed, having looked again at my revised post of yesterday, that the tide has miraculously gone out!!! At least the car is now resplendent in it's Le Mans green livery!

After visiting the Country Park and taking the new shots I made my way to another interesting location, Skippool Creek, an ancient Roman Port that always attracts my attention because of my interest in boats and sailing, an interest that probably stems from the fact that all my relatives on my father's side of the family, with the exception of him, had a very close affinity with the sea, being fishermen or in the Royal Navy.
Shard Bridge, a former toll bridge, in the background.

I've included some shots that I took while there which of course also feature that little car.

And another thing! What a delight to hear on the BBC News that the owner of a coffee shop in Norwich is refusing to serve customers who are answering their mobile phone whilst at the same time trying to order a coffee. He has put up notices to that effect in his shop and hopefully other retailers will follow suit in order to stamp out this example of bad manners.

It is also equally important that retailers themselves show some etiquette in dealing with their customers. So often I have been in shops, in a queue and next to be served, only to find that the phone rings and I am ignored in favour of the person on the phone, even though I may have been standing there for hours waiting to be served.

Enough of this, I'm going to hit the bottle again. It's all this top-down driving that builds up a raging thirst!

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