Monday, 30 April 2012

Tyres for the 4/4

Finally had a reply from the Morgan factory, following my email to them requesting information about the availability of tyres for the 4/4.

Apparently, Morgan is now the only car manufacturer in the UK using the 4/4's particular size of tyre, 165/80R15  87T. These are available from dealers and there are apparently good stocks, that should last a considerable length of time judging by the tiny mileages accumulated by some cars, but then again, perhaps not, because the tyres on these garaged vehicles will probably deteriorate and become unsafe in five years or so.

Whether or not the stocks are of 'Continental' tyres they didn't say, but I have also found an alternative on the website of "Blackcircles", these are made by Toyo Tyres, who were apparently declared the best tyres for 8 years in a row by the independent American Suppliers, as published in "Tyre Review Magazine" USA.

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  1. I decided to drop AD07 from the list as it belongs to the extreme category and I agree with my sifu that, Cheap Tyres