Monday, 2 April 2012

Same manufacturer, same quality but no holes!

'Er indoors has dragged me around the local Morrisons this morning, stocking up for the imminent arrival of our offspring, husbands and grandchildren. 

The place was heaving and is becoming, it seems to me, like a second home and this I must guard against. My late lamented father could spend all day there, given the chance, scrutinising the prices of everything in the store and making comparative judgements against each item, whilst chatting and making friends with the staff. 

I do not share that enthusiasm for Morrison's products or pricing policy and there is only one particular section of the place that grabs my attention and that is the wine area! 

Eventually with a trolley that was overflowing with items that were totally alien to our normal spree, like tiny  child-sized yoghurts, special cereals, sliced bread and various 'treats' (none for me!), I staggered into checkout position 10, behind a woman who had enough cat food to feed the occupants of a cat sanctuary! And thinking about it, that's another potential subject for my blog! 

The trolley, that as usual, seemed to have a mind of it's own, was guided at the front by my dear wife, to avoid the likelihood of me losing control and careering into a parked vehicle, and the contents were transferred into the cavernous realm of the V70's boot. With a comment about the huge number of vehicles  still queuing for fuel, regardless of the assurances given out by both unions and government we happily went on our way, with similar misgivings about who to believe...... to the Shell Station up the road!!!

On the subject of fuel, I always use 'Shell' or one of the other major brands, in both cars and filled up the other day at the same price that Morrisons were selling theirs, but at least mine had all the protective additives that I understand the Superstores leave out to keep costs down.

The Easter break, or indeed any Bank holiday, does not fill me with any enthusiasm at all. The weather is usually perishing, the roads will be seething with all manner of drivers, seemingly intent on spending much of the period in a jam, en route for an attraction that will be similarly clogged up. For a miserable beggar like me there is only one place to be, and that is at home keeping a low profile!

Yesterday I ordered from 'Classic Car Accessories' on the web, a set of stainless 'GB' numerals, together with two stick-on union flags from the MSCC. I have been meaning to do this for a while and with regard to the union flags I was pleased to see that the club shop sold the stick-on variety, as I have been reluctant to drill the Morgan's body in order to fix the screw-in type. Same manufacturer, same quality, but no holes!

At least when we travel to France this year we will now be proudly flying the flag, whether or not Alex Salmond approves  I frankly don't care!

'Miscellany' has just arrived in the post so I shall spend the afternoon perusing that fine volume.

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