Sunday, 29 April 2012

Rain and tooth stops play!

The first thing I did on our return from La Belle France was to visit the dentist, not about my recently acquired 'bridge' which is magnificent, but regarding a niggling molar at the back of my mouth.

This had been causing me gipp both prior to and during our trip, but being a man, a man who desperately tries to follow those manly virtues expressed in Rudyard Kipling's immortal poem 'If', that ends, 'you'll be a man my son!' I bore the pain bravely and kept the matter to myself, not wishing to burden my dear wife or the French with my sufferings!!!!

As I lay horizontal in the chair, the dentist reviewed my remaining gnashers, amazed I think that I could manage to chew anything with so few, let alone look so well fed, and pronounced that in order to find the offending tooth he was going to bash each one with, what subsequently felt like, a metal bar. As he reached the one next to the back on the left-hand side of my mouth, it was clear from the excruciating pain and my muffled cry that he had achieved success.

I left, feeling considerably worse, with a prescription for penicillin and an appointment for the 10th May to have a root filling and a new crown. With supreme confidence he announced that if the thing collapsed during the process it would have to come out! Quite frankly at the present time I wish he would take the damn thing out, but I'm worried that if I lose many more I can see me having to resort to baby food!

After the visit to the dentist and teetering on the brink of total collapse for a couple of days until the antibiotic took hold, a drive in the Morgan was the last thing on my mind, the misery of toothache being all-consuming, but thankfully the weather since we got back from France has been mostly awful so I wouldn't have been going for a drive anyway, lessening the blow.

I have written to the Morgan factory asking for their authoritative advice regarding the appropriate tyres for the car as it will not be long before I have to replace the existing 'Continentals' that are no longer being produced by the company and I am waiting for their reply.

Meanwhile, subject to teeth and weather, I look forward to getting out on our first picnic of 2012, when we can make full use of the car and of course, although not wishing to wish my life away, we'll soon be planning for the Brittany trip in July.

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