Monday, 16 April 2012

Pacing OK!

I had my annual check on my pacemaker the other day and received confirmation that the thing was ticking over well, with only the occasional blip being experienced as the rev counter on the Morgan approaches the red zone!

My wife and I had a nice little pootle yesterday to see her sister, a round trip of about 20 miles. Not a lot but enough to get the old pulse racing and keep the car up to scratch.

Kenneth, my blogging friend in Sweden, who I now correspond with very regularly via email, had a good drive of around 90 miles at the weekend in his Roadster and its good to know that fellow drivers are getting out and using their Morgans. As Dennis Duggan another regular email 'pen friend' and Morganista says, he didn't spend a hod of money on a car, just to polish it every day! 

Tomorrow I intend to jack the front wheels up to check that nearside king-pin which I know will need replacing. It's not a job that is imperative but on the other hand it gives me a good excuse to get my hands dirty on the little beast and makes a change from pottering around the vegetable garden.

Our computer has been misbehaving and after a rather tortuous series of conversations with Mumbai, an engineer visited the house today and has replaced the phone socket and replaced our 'Netgear' router with the new BT equivalent, all FREE OF CHARGE!!!

What is more it was very pleasantly and professionally completed and as is my wont I have emailed BT to express my delight. I complain dramatically but also praise freely when it is justified.

Actually, if we have any more trouble with the computer we will change it for a faster variety. The trouble is with all these high tech items is, that as soon as you walk out of the store they are already virtually redundant. But you do tend to forget how long you have had these things for and that they are probably long overdue for replacement anyway!

We're off to Sete in the Languedoc on Friday, to visit my sister for five days, so the blog will be silent for a while. Ryanair that well known and somewhat despised airline will take us there, and bring us back hopefully. We are travelling light, with cabin luggage only, thus escaping the £60 charge for a suitcase and the total cost of the flight to Nimes and back for the two of us is £103. Can't be bad!!!  

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