Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Oh Happy Day!

My daughters will be intrigued by this title, thinking of me in general terms as a bit of a grumps!

Well they can think what they like, I feel top-ho today and even better now that I have been out for a drive in the Morgan in a temperature of 17 degrees! It was almost tropical!
Brussels sprouts, leeks,broad beans etc

Apart from the fact that we woke up to a computer that was misbehaving yet again, rendering it impossible to connect with the internet, a malaise that still persists intermittently, my main preoccupation was with personal beauty, this being the day when the ghastly gap in my top set was going to be filled by a brand spanking new incisor!

Arriving in good time at the dentist I was alarmed to find a queue. Apparently everyone in the sprawling metropolis that is Great Eccleston was suffering from toothache and there was nothing for it but to be patient, a quality incidentally that is somewhat alien to me, grab a magazine that was probably two years out of date and thrust aside my worries that my long awaited tooth might have been lost in the melee!
Wyre Estuary Country Park looking north
 to snow clad Lakeland Mountains

Wow! When I appeared in front of the reception desk after the treatment and smiled benignly at the rather attractive blonde receptionist, it was obvious to me that she was overwhelmed by the sight of my pearlies, a fact that has certainly bolstered my confidence and put the fear of death in her indoors at the prospect of me being constantly approached by droves of admirers with amorous intentions! Some hope!

Anyway, back home it was into the garden to firstly check the seedlings in my cold frame, check the supports for our peonies that seem to have grown inches in the last couple of days and clear blanket weed out of the pond so the fish could actually see the food I threw in.

These jobs were completed quickly because the weather was 'hotting-up' and the prospect of another little drive was on the cards. It was interesting to note that in tripping over the wire for the 'trickle charger' the other day, the connector had been pulled out of its socket and of course the battery wasn't getting a charge.I'll just have to watch my step in future because a similar accident in winter could spell battery problems.

However the car started first time as usual, was driven out of the garage and down the road with an ultra confident pilot who grinned at the first opportunity to all and sundry! It was only after a short distance that I realised that it was the car they were smiling at and not at the sun glinting off my teeth!

I decided that the Wyre Estuary Country Park at Stanah would be a good destination, even with the tide out there is always something to watch, be it an oyster catcher grubbing around in the mud or a dishy dog walker!
What fun these Morgans are! It only needs a short drive to feel once again at one with the car and the road, almost an integral part of a car that responds instantly to your directions and responds likewise with messages about the road surface through the steering column. What with the noise of the exhaust, the wind and sun in your face and the scents of the countryside bombarding your nose, along with the smell of petrol from a very full fuel tank, it's a profoundly different experience.
Almost home.

With a beaming smile that was beginning to make my face ache, I returned the Mog to its garage, happy indeed that none of my stick-on badges had dropped off and most importantly that my new tooth had not detached itself.

Blimey this gin and tonic's good!

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