Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Flying the Flag amidst domestic 'disruption'!....

I always do have a tendency to exaggerate slightly, but now that the Easter bunny has hopped away, with number two daughter and her family going back home to Warwick tomorrow and number one daughter already back at work in Surrey, we can now get back to some semblance of normality. We've had a great time with our grand-children, having meals together, playing with them, opening Easter presents and searching for chocolate eggs in the garden, and, although it's always a little sad to bid them au revoir, it's always nice to get back into the old routine, no matter how tedious it may seem at times. Blimey I'm sounding old!!

Oh, and by the way, the industrial cleaners are in!......
A few days ago my son-in-law and I went for a short drive of around 12 miles to top the Mog up with Shell Vpower, just in case no settlement is reached between the five warring parties in the fuel dispute. I'm beggared if I'm going to miss that first warm, sunshiny picnic of 2012!

It was in its new regalia, ie., union flags and stainless GB plates, and looked particularly splendid, although the thing is that around here there are so many who cannot appreciate anything of beauty, let alone a car!!! Completely different than in La Belle France where an adoring public appreciate fully the little Morgan in all its glory.

Just been across the road to the local Ember Inns Boozer for a couple of pints with 'number two's' husband before their departure and it was noticed that one of the waitresses dropped a knife from a tray as she was carrying it back to the kitchen. I naively expected her to pick it up on her reappearing from the kitchen, but no, it was ignored completely. IT WAS IGNORED BY AT LEAST FIVE MEMBERS OF STAFF and was finally, after perhaps an hour, picked up by yours truly and handed to the waitress concerned who thanked me profusely for saving her the trouble of relaxing her knees in order to pick it up!

If that had happened during my M&S training in days of yore, and I had ignored any rogue item on the sales floor, my feet wouldn't have touched the ground, in fact I would probably have been sacked. Sadly, many today seem to lack even the basic senses of responsibility and discipline learned in a good home and school, and it can only get worse!

Tomorrow is going to be a memorable day for I shall once again be able to hold my head up high in the Mog, instead of virtually cowering behind the dash......the gap in my teeth is to be filled with a new gnasher, let's hope that it will not be a bridge too far!

At five pm., still waiting for the Gas Man who should have been attending to the service on our boiler this morning but went in error to our flat which is rented out! So our tenant has now got a newly serviced boiler and his illustrious landlord is waiting feverishly for the little man to appear to service his,  following an appointment re-arranged by a furious 'her indoors'....and believe me, she is not to be trifled with!

The weather has improved a little so I'm hoping that tomorrow I may be able, gas man and tooth permitting, to get out in the little beast.

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