Friday, 23 March 2012

What a Cracker!

All we need to get us out in the Morgan is a good weather forecast, and boy, that is what we got on Wednesday, promising sun all the next day, with temperatures of 17 degrees and so, in the evening, having decided that we would travel to the Lake District, I finished my Gin and Tonic/s and at 9.10 in the evening had a nice cup of tea, that I had been told would ensure a good night's sleep, and went to bed at 10 o'clock.
Arnside, and the River Kent estuary.

The trouble is that when I know we are going to have a good long drive in the Morgan I am like a little child, unable to get to sleep, and then when I do it is of the restless variety resulting in me waking up at 'silly o'clock'!

My dearly beloved had some shopping to do at Morrisons prior to our departure so we were there at 8am and back home an hour later. While Helen made our picnic I went to the garage and got the Morgan ready for action. We were on our way by 9.30am.
The viaduct at Arnside carrying the railway line to West Cumbria 

We stayed off the M6 and travelled the scenic, slow route via the A588, from Poulton-le-Fylde, via Cockerham and thence to Lancaster where we joined the A6. Travelling north, coffee beckoned and we made a detour to Arnside on the southern bank of the River Kent, at it's estuary, where it meets Morecambe Bay. The morning was glorious, sunny and calm with not too many visitors cluttering up the streets, once again causing us to rejoice in the fact that one of the benefits of retirement is that you can enjoy your leisure moments when there are fewer people about, apart from other old wrinklies like us!
Lakeland Plastics Headquarters, Windermere

Having taken a few photographs, it was on to Windermere, via Milnthorpe and Kendal, my lovely wife having decided that she wanted to purchase an item that was imperative to our very existence, a felt remover for our knitwear!!! Lakeland Plastics headquarters "" is full of things that no one should have to live without and so what at first was going to be a very short visit turned into a lengthier operation.

When we returned to the car, that had been cared for by a willing security guard in our absence, a couple approached us wanting to talk about the little beast and while this conversation was taking place, we were  accosted further by a young Japanese couple armed with a camera, adding yet another photo of the car to the library that already exists in the Far East!
Blackwell Arts and Crafts House, Windermere in Background

On then, amidst adoring glances from all the onlookers, to Blackwell the Arts and Crafts House, "" designed by M.H.Baillie Scott, one of Britain's finest houses from the turn of the last century. It is an internationally acclaimed icon of Arts and Crafts architecture, a result of the Movement  championed by John Ruskin and William Morris with rooms containing furniture and objects by many leading designers and studios of that period. Well worth a visit.

By this time the old tummy was suggesting that it might be an appropriate time to stop for sustenance which we did at Fell Foot Park by the shores of Windermere. It is owned by the National Trust and offers, apart from the lovely views, a restaurant and childrens play area etc. We however found a lovely quiet spot for our picnic, overlooking a bend in the River Leven, which flows out of the lake and enters Morecambe Bay at Greenodd.
En route to picnic! Windermere looking north.
Consuming our roast chicken, butties and a glass of decent Burgundy, we gloried in the wonderful weather that we were enjoying and feeling refreshed we set off on our homeward trail that would include a stop at P.V.Dobsons, Volvo, Jaguar and Mazda dealers "".

The reason for this stop was so that both of us could have a look at the complete range of Volvo cars, so that when we finally decide that a change is necessary we will know what model we are looking for to replace our elderly Volvo V70. A number of the new vehicles were totally discounted by my wife on the basis that they were too cramped, the headrest and seat design weren't acceptable along with many other astute observations, that would, if they had known, have had the Directors of Volvo jumping like lemmings off the edge of a cliff!!!
Sitting on wheel arch having butty and glass of wine!

Anyway we finally decided and totally agreed that a particular variant of the V60, the SE Lux was the one we will aim for when it's a couple of years older and we can afford it!

While we were there, it was a pleasure to meet both Andrew Hirst, MSCC Chairman and Sara the Secretary of Fellmog. It was great to meet both of them, and as far as Andrew is concerned, the closest we had come to him previously was to see his picture at the beginning of each issue of 'Miscellany', the MSCC magazine.
The view from our picnic spot.

From there it was straight home after a trip of around 100+ miles, for a welcome cup of tea while washing down my steed and with lovely memories of a very special March day.

Looking at the weather forecast today, not only will I be pootling around in the Mog, but we'll be getting the barbecue out, as the Met Office are promising temperatures of up to 20 degrees!

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