Friday, 23 March 2012

Shattering experience!

Not one but two today! 

Firstly, a gentleman is visiting our humble abode to remove the glass from the vestibule door, which has had a frosted design on it that has niggled us ever since we restored the house 16 years ago. The design never did match the original Victorian example that is situated above the door, and at one of our recent board meetings, financial summits really, it was decided that we could eke out enough funds from our meagre resources to replace it with a design more befitting the property.

Not only that, it's Glass Collection Day today and sometime later, regardless of where I am on our 'estate', there will be an almighty, embarrassing crash as all our empties are tipped into the wagon, causing shoppers in the village to stop in their tracks and mutter amongst themselves about the need for more temperance in  society!

To some degree my guilt about this was assuaged and a measure of jollity pervaded my being, in noting, on a little walk back from the local garage, after dropping the Volvo off for repair, that there are plenty more villagers with a similar interest in the delights of the hop, barley and grape. In fact the whole village seems to support a community of secret boozers!

Indeed a closer inspection found, amongst the open plastic boxes on which the lids wouldn't fit, due to the volume of glass within, that their tastes are very similar to ours!!!

Roll on '6 o'clock somewhere' when I can with a more settled conscience, hit the bottle once again!

I've always been community orientated!

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