Saturday, 17 March 2012

'The Petrol Age', Sky Atlantic, Thursdays 8pm

What a joy it was to watch a serious motoring programme, not one that in my opinion is presented by a bunch of puerile and sometimes patronising celebrities, mostly promoting cars that very few of us will ever afford while demonstrating the undisciplined attitudes to safety that blight motoring on our roads today. You will appreciate that I am not a follower of 'Top Gear', unlike it seems, the bulk of western civilisation.

This programme, presented by Paul McGann, who incidentally has owned a Rover P5 3 litre Coupe for many years, is in four episodes and tells the absorbing story of British motoring heritage. The first programme was a celebration of speed and the only thing that I was disappointed about was the fact that there was no mention of our wonderful marque, whose three wheelers had such huge racing success in the twenties.

If you missed the first episode or do not have Sky, then watch it on your computer. Sadly there are only four episodes!

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