Friday, 2 March 2012

Frogs on the rampage!

Remember my little pond next to my vegetable garden, well I opened the back garage door into the garden this morning and noticed that the pond was a maelstrom, a living, writhing mass of activity, the frogs are mating again. What the fish think about it I don't know....not much I suspect! Anyway it is a blatant reminder that Spring is just around the corner. Yippee!

I went into the Morgan garage and fixed the new tax disc in place, always a bit of a problem because, although I bought one of those posh holders with 'Morgan' emblazoned all over it, it is not one of the screw off variety and I have to remove all the little screws with an 'Allen' key before I can insert the new disc.

Anyway that job completed and because the weather was lovely, I planted the bulk of my 'First Early' potatoes, the next stage in our self sufficiency programme that is meant to release more funds for Morgan items for instance, but consistently fails to achieve this!

Next came the Morgan, on to which I lavished more Autoglym polish and elbow grease. With the car once more looking absolutely immaculate, its owner had his hair cut by her indoors, had a shower, donned his white roll-neck submariner sweater and leather jacket and launched himself on to an unsuspecting public, firmly ensconced in the Morgan of course, with everything down.

It was a spirited short drive that demonstrated that it was not only the frogs that were on  the rampage, although I must emphasise that my rampaging is totally restricted to the driving experience!

Spotted a Jowett Jupiter whose occupants gave me a cheery wave that was returned of course,

As I sit here writing this I can tell it is Friday and sunny, by the number of cars pulling up at the traffic lights with windows down and ghastly thumping music bellowing forth! Is it my age, perhaps it is?

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