Friday, 17 February 2012

Morgans always raise a smile!

Today I received this nice little story from a fellow Morgan owner and friend who lives in Welshpool.

He is the Vice Chairman and Minutes Secretary of the Heulwen Trust,  a charity organisation which aims to bring enjoyment and pleasure to disabled children and adults, by offering exciting and scenic boat trips through some of the most beautiful Welsh countryside. They have two canal boats that are in constant demand by special schools, hospitals etc., and to date over 45000 disabled people have enjoyed free daily trips.

He wrote to let me know that as it was a mild, bright day yesterday, he decided to go for a spin. Usually he and his wife deliver the monthly minutes on foot to local recipients but because the weather was pleasant, and like me he gets this irresistable urge to get out in his 4/4 Sport, he decided to use the Mog to deliver to members just out of town.

He arrived at the farm where the Chairman lives and found his daughter sitting on the sofa in her dressing gown. My friend asked her what she was doing and she replied that she had some course work to do.

He said, "that's a shame, you won't have time to come with me in the Morgan  to Guilsfield then?", at which point the daughter exitedly replied, "just give me 5 minutes!"

She really enjoyed the ride, and her comment at the end was, "wasn't it lovely how people kept smiling at us?"

So very true, the fun begins as soon as the wheels get rolling.

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