Saturday, 18 February 2012


Le Mans Green!
I was sitting reading my Saturday Telegraph this morning, with the rain and wind beating against the kitchen window with no expectations at all of getting the Mog out of the garage.

Towards Great Eccleston with the River Wyre in the distance

How wrong can a man be! The sky cleared and the wind, not far short of gale force, was doing its job in drying the roads. Just over an hour later I was cocooned in the warm interior of the Morgan, more like the cockpit of a Spitfire each time I get into it. Yes, I was being a wimp, but the wind was very strong and the temperature was falling, so I decided to nurse my poor wracked body, not wishing to expose and aggravate any lurking weaknesses in the joints of the old frame, and kept the hood up.

By the River Wyre

It was not a long drive, but it got me into the lovely agricultural countryside of the Fylde Coast area of Lancashire. No dark satanic mills here, and if my blog has achieved anything at all, it will have been to dispel any myths about this fair county. It has wonderful countryside and even though I was at maximum, just 9 miles from the world famous, gaudy, brash and bold resort of Blackpool, I think my photos show what lovely rural countryside we enjoy.

I was pleased to get out and be able to give the Morgan a run before its service next week which looks, if the forecast is to be believed, as if it is going to involve a wet journey to Southport. Still, the car only leaks a little, in fact if you creep along at 30 miles per hour it doesn't leak at all!!

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