Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hiya, y'alright there?!!

What a delight, a school in Sheffield has told pupils that they must stop using slang at school because it might hinder their job prospects.

It wants children to avoid slang words and phrases such as 'hiya' and 'cheers' in favour of the more correct 'hello', 'good morning' or 'thank you'.

If only all schools would insist on similar disciplines, perhaps more youngsters would achieve greater success at job interviews and I wouldn't have to endure, 'Hiya, y'alright there?' uttered by Sales Assistants in almost every shop I visit. What is wrong with a cheery, 'Hello/Good morning, if I can help you please ask?'

The good old BBC and other broadcasters could also take a lead by not allowing their presenters to use the term 'hiya' on childrens' channels such as 'CBeebies'.
Indeed, with a bit of encouragement, perhaps fewer people would then use the term 'Hiya', with it's variously used intonations, in their everyday lives and I would be a happier man.

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