Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Annual visit to the Shrine!

As expected the day dawned wet, but thankfully the rain wasn 't torrential, just the gentle sort of stuff that hopefully meant that even in the Morgan with the hood up, there was little likelihood of water ingress!

Life's, Southport, oldest Morgan dealers in the world
It was 7.30 when we joined all the commuter traffic in order to reach Life's in Southport at 9 for the car's MOT and annual service. This yearly event also means that my dearly beloved can do a bit of shopping in Lord Street, which is well known in Lancashire as a very pleasant place to part with your money.

The showroom was full of Morgans which filled me with enthusiasm at the prospect of wandering around, making a nuisance of myself, looking at all the various models including that hairy new 3 wheeler. But all this would have to wait and I was dragged away in the direction of the major stores where I took up my usual position, that of following one step behind and then sitting on the first available chair trying to look interested!

I can remember the day when both my wife and myself were somewhat slimmer and it was so much easier then to get an exact match when it came to choosing clothes off the rail! Nowadays, the search is far more complex and I always try to follow my dear father's advice to keep quiet, always a difficult thing for me to do, often causing me to fall into the trap of offering diplomatic advice from time to time. Not always appreciated, but success was finally achieved and a lovely skirt was purchased that was almost as expensive as the Morgan service! I'm lying of course.

Matt and Graham
Strong coffee was called for after this purchase, enjoyed in one of the many tea and coffee shops on the high street and an occasion when we were able to listen in to a highly amusing conversation between some more old crocks who were from our area and sitting at the next table. It's the same here as it is abroad, you can't beat just sitting in a cafe listening and watching the world go by.

After walking the full length of the high street it was time to return to see how Matt was getting on with the service.

The problem with the vertical movement on the nearside front had been picked up by the MOT engineer. It was only minor movement that has been rectified temporarily by Matt who has got as much grease as possible into the sliding axle. However, it looks like I shall be back for king-pins in the not too distant future.

The car has now done almost 17000 miles and according to Graham, a very log standing member of the team, the mileage at which they need to be replaced varies tremendously according to vehicle type. Apparently the Plus 8's needed replacing earlier due to the extra weight they bore and it can also depend on the types of road regularly driven on, such as those with a strong camber towards the nearside or perhaps, and this is me talking, those where you are always dropping into mighty pot holes ie. most of UK roads!

Homeward bound, top down.
Anyway it looks as though I shall have to raid my piggy bank soon, but will obviously watch the situation closely each time I grease the axles.

They are a super team at Life's and both my wife and I thoroughly enjoy each visit, on this occasion receiving an invitation from Dave Randall, the owner, to their Open Day on Sunday 15th April, which we will try to attend. You never know I might get the chance to drive that 3 wheeler beast!

We had a super drive home in the sunshine with the hood down, and you know there was real warmth in the sun, a sign of the Spring to come and many Morgan picnics.

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