Thursday, 5 January 2012

Manna from Heaven!

The gale continues, accompanied by heavy rain, and has caused a great deal of damage around the country but fortunately not at my humble abode, in fact just the opposite, it has yielded a totally unexpected benefit in the form of a sodden £10 note that I found this morning lying on the soil in the garden.

My right hand had been itching on a couple of occasions over Christmas and I must admit that, having scratched it on wood as directed, I was expecting a far larger windfall. Never mind it can go towards the Morgan's service in February!

This wretched weather just seems to continue unabated and it must be difficult for anyone from more temperate climes to appreciate just how frustrating winter in the UK can be. Another dark and dismal morning, as is usual at this time of year, prompted me to bring a bit of excitement and some more variety into my life by altering the habitual sequence of events in the bathroom.

Instead of showering, then brushing my teeth, shaving and spraying deoderant under my armpits, I shaved, brushed my teeth, showered and then finally, happy that I had at least made a move to ring the changes in my sad existence, sprayed under my armpits!

Could it be that these pitiful efforts to add variety to the morning ablutions were some sort of sign of prophetic significance, that prompted the fortuitous events that were to take place in the garden an hour later?

I think not, but I can tell all of those sun-kissed people who do not have to endure a British winter that it does tend to grind you down, when you can't get out in the Mog, go for a pleasant walk or get into the garden to tidy the place up ready for Spring....oh, that far off glorious Spring!

I'm not alone I know, this pent-up frustration is shared by most of the population of the country, working or otherwise. We spend most of our lives indoors especially during a dreary winter. No wonder we all suffer from a lack of vitamin D!

Anyway, the new book on the 4/4, by Michael Palmer, is keeping me occupied and a relief from all the aforementioned misery.

Think I'll just pop into the garden to see if any other odd £10 notes are lying about, thirty or thirty five should cover the cost of that service!

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