Thursday, 19 January 2012

Just pottering about!

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word 'potter' thus, "to work or occupy yourself in a desultory but pleasant manner."

For the past few days that is just what I have been doing........ oh the joys of retirement!

As far as the Morgan is concerned, it has stayed in the garage following our latest trip, but I did have a look at the mileage, in between other jobs, to make sure that we hadn't exceeded 1000 miles since I last greased the front suspension. I was pleased to see that we hadn't because I just didn't fancy grovelling about under the car with a grease gun in the present cold conditions. In any case it is due for it's service at Life's in Southport in around four weeks time and it will obviously be done then.

The question of regular 1000 mile greasing was a subject that occupied not just my mind, after buying the car, but also my fellow Morgan pal in Mid Wales who bought his 4/4 Sport soon after mine.

Bearing in mind that our 4/4's are relatively new, 2007/8, it states categorically in the Handbook that the greasing should be done every 1000 miles. However, both of us had conflicting advice on this subject, from both dealers and individuals, who said that in view of the new materials (stainless steel) used there was no need for this to be done and in one instance I was informed that it could be left and done at yearly service intervals, unless I was going to be doing 6000 miles annually!

Needless to say perhaps, I was a little concerned about this, having done rudimentary Mechanical Engineering at Grammar School where I learned that two metals rubbing against each other needed lubrication!

I finally checked with the factory and received categorical advice that this should be done, as per Handbook.

Certainly worth doing, because the price of replacing King Pins can reach as much as £500 at dealer prices!
Morgan garage on left veg on the right

Moving away from this sticky subject and with definite signs of Spring in the garden, I visited the local garden centre and bought a couple of standard roses to fill the gap left by the sad demise of our beautiful Robinia tree which, as I mentioned in a previous post, succumbed to the current incurable disease that has smitten Robinias nationwide. Anyway I managed to pick up these roses at £10 each instead of £35 and £45 respectively.

The pond and vegetable garden
On the day that I intended to plant them the ground was as hard as iron so it had to be delayed until the following day, but I used the time in starting to plan my vegetable garden for this season. Shallots will certainly feature, along with Early Potatoes, Broad Beans, Runner Beans and Leeks (we are still enjoying fresh Leeks from last season).

I have also read a couple of books, that were given to me by my youngest for Christmas, written by Christopher Fowler, an author that I hadn't read before. They were from his 'Bryant and May' mystery series and I have thoroughly enjoyed them, probably because the two main characters are a couple of old geezers like me. In fact I am about to start a third.

The Ranulph Fiennes book about Scott of the Antarctic has been temporarily put on one side and I will continue reading that wonderfully written, detailed and complex narrative of that fateful journey shortly.

Yet another failing of mine was revealed over breakfast this morning, which is almost as thought provoking as that item on the Terry Wogan show on Radio 2 many years ago, pertaining to the serious question of whether you place a toilet roll in its holder with the paper near the wall or away from the wall! I seem to remember that this discussion with listeners went on for days to my immense enjoyment.

Well, enough of Terry, I sat there looking at a sandwich that I had just created and realised that I still hadn't got to grips with the procedure even after 68 years, so instead of the butty (hogs pudding!) being perfectly formed, it wasn't!

What I always forget to do is reverse the second slice off the loaf before I butter it so that it fits the first ones shape perfectly. Similarly, if you are using one slice and fold the bread over, it is important to make sure that you fold it correctly so that it exactly matches the other side. My dear wife says that sandwiches should be cut and not folded, labelling me as a peasant!

Anyway, I am really going to try very hard to remember this and try to do better in future but fear that the pressures of all this pottering will make it difficult!!

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  1. You were in the KITCHEN???...making some FOOD??? Who are you and what have you done with my Father?