Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Hogs Pudding revealed!

When I wrote my post about this wonderful Devonian delicacy, it was remiss of me not to include any photographs of it, since I had suggested, quite correctly I think, that many residents of that fair county did not know what it was, never mind the rest of the country.

My omission suddenly dawned on me as I was consuming some of my latest batch over breakfast a few days ago, so camera at the ready I took three shots of my breakfast favourite for the world to gloat over!

As I've said previously, please try it, but do beware of poor imitations that are more similar in both texture and taste to sausage than the real McCoy. Historically, it has been made locally by individual butchers to their own recipe, so the product could, and still does, differ dramatically, depending on where purchased. However, the sad fact is that many butchers nowadays are not making it anymore and it could disappear completely.

Like any other endangered species, there is a danger that it's savoury delights will be lost for future generations and that would be tragic.

My supplies are provided via mail order by my 'hogs pud chum', Andy Martin of Martins the Butcher, Chagford and Okehampton, Devon.

I believe it to be probably the best available......and no I am not working on commission or connected to Martins the Butcher!!!!!

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