Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

There will be no idyllic New Years Day drive for us, the weather is absolutely appalling. Heavy wintery showers and strong winds mean that yours truly will be getting his feet up in front of the fire and reading more of the new Morgan 4/4 book about its 75 year history.

I did have ideas about venturing out on a dry, crisp and sunny day and giving my wife an opportunity to test the ear muffs that she received as a Christmas present, but it was not to be, ah well!

Yesterday I tried to work out a discreet method of anchoring the fire extinguisher that we always carry loose on the rear shelf behind the front seats in the Morgan. Although I always ensure that it is wedged under the folded tonneau cover, I am also conscious of the fact that if we had to brake very sharply the prospect of having a fire extinguisher impacting with the back of one of our heads is not a happy one!!!

These are just the sort of things that trouble the minds of Morgan drivers as they toss and turn in their beds especially during the Christmas holiday period after imbibing vast quantities of various alcoholic beverages.

Anyway, the fact is that after purchasing a set of 'Velcro' straps from Halfords, that I thought might solve the problem but as yet haven't, and trying to think of other ideas that will not involve damaging the pristine nature of the car unnecessarily, I haven't yet resolved the issue.

We shall just have to wear crash helmets!

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