Friday, 13 January 2012

Austerity Britain!

When I see the queues diminish at Car Washes, I will truly believe that people are 'hard-up'. There must have been ten cars at one situated by the A6 at Garstang as we passed this afternoon and they weren't all top of the range models either.

Surely if times are hard and money is tight, you get off your butt, fill a bucket of water, grab a sponge and wash the car. I can shampoo and wash my Volvo in around 20 minutes and all it costs me is a dose of shampoo in the bucket and some water.

What a soft, pampered society we've become!

Not only that, people are still driving their cars at totally uneconomical speeds with scant regard for the additional cost of the fuel they are wasting.....and the quality of the driving, well that is another matter!!

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