Monday, 19 December 2011

South for Christmas!

Yesterday, the weather was almost perfect, calm, sunny and the roads fairly dry, so I leapt at the opportunity to roll the little beauty out of the garage and give myself an andrenalin rush! Nowadays the only occasion when this hormone is secreted from my adrenal glands!

For some reason I drove with the hood up, due either to sheer laziness or vanity perhaps, safe in the knowledge that I would be able to grin to my heart's content without passing motorists and pedestrians noticing the toothless gap at the front of my mouth and collapsing in fits of giggles!

This gap, the result of a previously capped tooth detaching itself while I was relishing a hearty breakfast, will have to remain for six months, so my illustrious dentist tells me, before he can 'bridge' the gap, which is going to cause me endless problems whilst driving the Mog because as every Morgan driver knows, we spend most of the time with an inane grin spread across our face!

Fortunately nothing else has dropped off the ageing body yet and I'm just hoping that everything continues to hold together as I crawl around the floor playing with my grandchildren at Christmas.

Extracting myself from the Morgan after my drive yesterday, always more difficult with the hood up, it did occur to me that the loss of this wretched incisor is possibly the least of my problems! One does look so stupid lying on the floor with legs akimbo!!

Tomorrow we're off to our daughter in Warwick and then on to t'other un in Camberley for Christmas, returning home for New Year.

Good wishes to everyone.

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