Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Seagulls flying backwards!

So disappointing when you set your heart on a quick drive, than venturing out of your front door to be almost blown off your feet by a screaming gale of wind off the Irish Sea!

Now many of you more courageous souls, perhaps those with the spirit of Scott, would have said sod it, donned your heaviest winter gear and clambered into the car. Well, in view of the fact that the car might be assaulted by flying roof tiles, falling trees or have it's sidescreens blown off,  I decided on a more Bertie Wooster approach to the problem and withdrew indoors post haste to have a wee dram!

Returning yesterday, following a delightful Christmas with our eldest daughter and family in balmy Surrey,  I was pleased to note that, after restraining my speed to 62mph over most of the journey, the old V70, with it's 2.4 litre, 5 cylinder diesel engine had achieved an astonishing 71.8 mpg on the inboard computer.

I have always found the car economical but, even allowing for a significant computer error, that is really good and is supported by the fact that the fuel gauge is showing 3/4 full. That is one very good reason for sticking with the Volvo, apart from all it's other benefits, and is a fact shared by 'Honest John', motoring writer in the Daily Telegraph who has said that he thinks that the big Volvo is indeed an economical car.

On the doormat as we entered our humble abode lay 'Miscellany' and in it, two articles by yours truly. The major one being my tale of our trip to France and Spain in July and the other culled from my blog 'Up the Creek'. I am delighted that the articles have been published but find the fact that there are two in the same issue somewhat embarrassing. But enough of that!

I had a splendid present from my lovely wife at Christmas, 'Morgan 4/4, the first 75 years' by Michael Palmer and I am looking forward to consuming it with some relish. It is a book that has to be a must for 4/4 owners but also sure to be of interest to all who love the marque.

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