Wednesday, 14 December 2011

On the Rack!

As I contemplate the ceiling whilst my spine is being stretched on the treatment table, in the luxuriously warm confines of my Physiotherapists surgery, it occurs to me that there is a danger that my blog might appear at times to be a forum for hyperchondriacs!

However my current medical predicament, galloping sciatica, is still there niggling in the background and dulling any enthusiasm for leaping into the 4/4 which sits disconsolately in its garage. In any case the weather here in deepest Lancashire is dismal, wet and stormy, not the sort of weather to set the pulse of a Morgan owner racing, which is some consolation.

I've just phoned the dealer to get the car booked in for its service in February which, as I've said previously, will I think also include king pin replacement. Not being exactly flush with money, this fills me with a degree of trepidation. Anyway 'them as knows' were out picking up a car so the financial implications have not yet been revealed but all too soon the monetary truth will be out, which could severely worsen my physical condition, never mind my mental faculties!

Bloody Morgans! I've just worked out that if I sold the little beauty we could enjoy 62 weeks of cottage holidays, 833 bottles of decent Malt or a beach hut on Fleetwood beach!! I think I'll stick with the Mog!

Blimey, this weather is awful though and complaining that I was cold this morning, my lovely wife suggested it might be a good idea if I donned more appropriate woollen clothing and 'long johns'. Good idea I thought, so after a futile search for my thermals in the main body of the house I realised that the bloody things were in the loft with the rest of my sailing gear.

Half an hour later after much physical contortion due to the aforementioned affliction I climbed into the roof space to retrieve the said items and am now, you will be pleased to hear, sitting comfortably contemplating the imminent call from the dealer.

It came at 10.26 and I'm now booked in for a February service, MOT and hearteningly, since I regularly grease the pillar axle and ours is a 2007 car, there is now less likelihood of king pin replacement. Thank God, because during the conversation with the engineer about the potential costs involved, I could sense the tension and imagine the pallor in the face of the lady sitting on our sofa knitting, which was dramatically confirmed as I gingerly crept back into the sitting room after replacing the phone.

Bloody Morgans!

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