Thursday, 15 December 2011

Morgan Magic!

I know my friend will not mind me relating part of his most recent email, but it sums up very nicely the delights of Morgan ownership.

"This morning I had cause to go on a round trip of about 35 miles and decided to use the Morgan as it had not been out since December 3rd, and then only for less than two miles. The weather was not marvellous, bright sun one minute, heavy shower the next, so it was hoods on.

But how I enjoyed the little outing. Had I used my everyday car it would have merely been a humdrum routine trip, but in the Mog it was a special event. The hum of the engine, the whirr of the heater fan, the glorious view along that long, louvred bonnet, the admiring looks from pedestrians, the effortless acceleration, the comfy leather know what I am on about.

As I approached home on the return leg, I had to resist the temptation to carry on along the bypass and go home by a long and roundabout route. I did not want the journey to end so soon. I did manage to resist the temptation!! I arrived home feeling invigorated and cheerful, all was well in my little world."

Oh yes, I do know what he's on about and how I agree with him!

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