Saturday, 3 December 2011

Culture of envy perhaps?

My wife had an appointment with her optician this morning who told her that his Aston Martin had been 'keyed' some days ago, along both sides of the car and also on a headlamp. The moron who perpetrated this gross act of vandalism has caused damage that will cost £6,600 to put right, a cost that will be met ultimately by everyone of us in increased motoring insurance premiums.

It is a worry that everyone of us who owns a desirable vehicle frequently has and particularly when we park them. Is the car park secure, will someone bash the bodywork when opening their door or in the case of one local Morgan owner, perhaps someone will reverse over it in a Supermarket car park?

Of course these worries are not just the exclusive preserve of car owners, but are shared by others who own anything that has a value to them and on which they lavish care and attention.

When driving the Morgan, I've often noticed that amongst the faces who respond to it with a look of appreciation and delight in their faces at the sight of a beautiful hand-built creation, there are those whose attitude is far from appreciative and borders on bitter resentment, that I've got something that they don't have and what is more probably never will!

Sadly, it seems to me, in these days of falling standards in almost every aspect of life, that there is a developing culture of envy.

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