Friday, 4 November 2011

Use and enjoy your Morgan.

What a delight it was when I spotted a recent sales advertisement for a 2004 Roadster with 102,000 on the clock, for at least it proved that the car has been used and enjoyed, albeit rather a lot! As the seller said "used but not abused".
Our 2008 Morgan is not our everyday car and we are covering under 5000 miles a year with the clock showing around 16,500 miles, very little when compared with the above Roadster, but at least we are using it for picnics, runs out and on holidays. I know that this applies to many owners but nevertheless I always find it quite staggering when I see so many Morgans for sale with ridiculously low mileages. Their engines must require a complete overhaul when they come up for sale. What on earth do these owners buy them for? Morgans are for driving!

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