Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Last week I was alarmed to find that the metal plate on the exhaust manifold was rusting, this is the bit that is bolted to the engine block, out of which come the exhaust pipes ( you can tell that I'm not a 'petrol head'!) The rust was discolouring the lovely aluminium block and clearly something needed to be done. I think I know why Morgan do not fit a stainless steel manifold and that is the cost, but it seems such a shame to 'penny pinch' on an item such as this when the rest of the car is immaculate.
A stainless manifold would cost £1000 and with dealer labour costs at £60/hour there was only one thing to do. Don the overalls and get stuck in!
The plate was rubbed down with emery paper to get rid of the loose rust, treated with 'KuRust' from Halfords, carefully masked and then painted with a very high temperature matt black paint from a local auto parts supplier.
I have been assured that the paint is the best available, the job looks really good and the engine bay is now back to it's impeccable self.

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