Tuesday, 29 May 2018

It's been a long time.....

.....since I added another post to my blog, so here goes.

Just after Christmas I decided that at the age of 74 I would take up fly fishing again, after a break of some 50+ years. As I only had minimal remaining tackle I had to buy more and I devoted a lot of time to this.
Bank House Fishery

A brown trout which was returned

A decent Rainbow Trout which was returned
Some success was achieved at a local fishery and on the River Wyre close to my home. However, it is becoming clearer to me now that the physical requirements of fishing for wild trout are extremely demanding for me with my various health issues and I am beginning to think that it is a case of the heart making promises that the body can't keep!! We'll see, but the real test will come later this month when I take a fishing holiday on the River Till in Northumbria, one of Britain's finest sea trout rivers.

Perhaps I will just concentrate my efforts on trout fisheries which are less demanding.
View over Horning from our cottage balcony

The Cottage and our cruiser

Anyway, it hasn't been all fishing. During April my wife and I returned to my beloved Norfolk Broads with my oldest friend and his daughter, having rented a cottage in Horning, together with a very lovely little cruiser  that enabled us to have the best of a cruising holiday with the added benefit of comfortable bedrooms and a bit of luxury to return to in the evening.
Up the River Ant
However, the weather during the week we were there was the worst that we have ever experienced on the Broads, mist every day, rainy and cold.
The Bonsol Hotel
To make up for that, we returned once again, for 10 days, to our lovely hotel in Illetas, Majorca, a repeat of the holiday we enjoyed last year and no doubt we shall also be sampling its hospitality in 2019.
Yours truly on the balcony of our hotel.
Today, we were enjoying a drive in the Morgan to the upper reaches of the River Lune at Killington where I was reviewing the possibility of fishing there. Sadly I think that once again the physical demands will be too much. It is a very rocky section of the river which will necessitate some scrambling over the rocks to reach the water and frankly I feel that the old body will not cope!!
Towards Sedbergh and the Yorkshire Dales
The weather was fabulous today, as it has been for the most of May, ideal for Morgan motoring...long may it continue.
Looking north towards the Lake District

West towards Morecambe Bay and Fleetwood.
In a week we are jetting off to Beziers in the Llanguedoc area of France to visit my eldest sister and her husband who live in Sete, France's second fishing port and an extremely interesting place which should keep us occupied for four days.

On our return it will only be a short time before we are off to Northumbria.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Max enjoyment!!

During the period over Christmas and the launch of the New Year, the weather in Lancashire was grim, incessant rain and wind.

Both our daughters visited us in that period and I just happened to say to my eldest daughter that I would try and take her youngest for a drive in the Mog if the weather was suitable, he being the only one of our grandchildren who hadn't been in it.

Of course this was a fatal mistake because it was overheard by his brother and when suggestions are made such as mine they become firm promises in a child's mind, so I felt obliged to make every effort to fulfil that offer.
All smiles!

A long morning was spent viewing the western sky for a break in the cloud, wind and rain. At last there appeared to be a break in the heavens and the Morgan was quickly prepared.

Ted, our 3 year old grandson decided that he would be too frightened to attempt the trip, due to the astonishing speed of the car!!!!!! So his experience will have to wait for another time.

However, Max our eldest jumped at the chance and off we went, Max relishing all the glances and smiles from many of the other drivers, who were probably commenting on the stupidity of anyone using an open topped sports car in weather like that!

The rain stayed away for the 15 minute duration of our drive although the roads were very wet.

We both enjoyed it immensely.

I was able to fulfil my 'promise' and the car is once again under wraps having been cleaned and polished.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Christmas 2017


Some seasonal photographs from previous years as the weather in Lancashire has not been ideal for Morgan motoring this winter.

Roll on Spring!

Friday, 3 November 2017

An Autumn pootle

Yesterday, my wife and I had dental appointments at the surgery which is in the village of Great Eccleston.

The high street of that fair village offers views of the Bleasdale Fells.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day and we had decided at long last to give the Morgan a spin, initially just to the dentists, but on seeing those hills we thought sod it, let's go for a drive and a picnic!
Pork pies were bought from the local shop and off we went.
Taken in September 2011 in the same place as yesterday.
The car behaved impeccably, as usual attracting both attention and a couple of appreciative comments.
Also taken in 2011 when I was 6 years younger!!....but the car looks the same!
It was great to get out in it again after a period of some stress and hard work, certainly once again attracting me to the possibility of once again venturing across the Channel on another adventure.

Return to Norfolk

What a joy it was for me to return to my beloved Norfolk and the Broads in particular during Autumn.

It is a place in which I could live happily but alas business commitments and I suppose family, have meant that it is unlikely that will happen.

An Autumn view of the River Bure from the lawn of our cottage.
My love of boating, both yachts and motor cruisers, also means that I have a deep yearning to own a boat in that area, but once again the practicalities of ownership at a distance of 300 miles or so has deterred me from doing it, to say nothing about my recent spell of bad health coupled with,. advancing years!
Picnic moored in Fleet Dyke
Ah well! The holidays that my wife and I are now spending in the area which also give me the opportunity of some boating activity are sufficing to a large degree.
Approaching Coltishall on the upper Bure.
We were fortunate in having first class weather in the first four days of our visit which allowed us to make full use of our little dayboat in exploring once again the River Bure.
The sun on the afternoon of October 16th when dust from southern latitudes was blown north on the tale of hurricane Ophelia.
When the weather finally broke we travelled to the north Norfolk coast, specifically to visit once more Nelson's birthplace at Burnham Thorpe and the church in which he was christened. Heavy rain and mist spoiled the views across the North Sea but it was pleasant to see once again those lovely villages such as Wells and Cley.
A cormorant roosting on the evening of the same day.
Another visit is planned for April where the cottage we have rented is situated in Horning, a good central location for visiting more distant areas of the Broads in our better equipped picnic boat.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Bella Italia!

Just had a terrific week in Italy in a hotel in Garda, set in a commanding position overlooking Lake Garda.
In our room at the Radison where we stayed overnight prior to our very early flight.
It was a package holiday but oh, how my wife and I wished that we had been in the Morgan.
Along Garda's promenade.
We were in a room at the back of the hotel with a balcony overlooking a busy square, a busy road and a church whose bells rang 46 times each morning at 7am. Shades of the film 'Genevieve' for those old enough to remember the scene!
The view from our balcony with the dreaded church on the right
Anyway, we were sitting on the balcony on Sunday afternoon, when it seemed that there were many local car clubs out for a run, VW Beetles, Porsches, Alfas etc., but no sign of a Morgan, until at last a red +8 drove passed. It was good to see.
Our hotel from the steamer
Whilst there we visited Sirmione, a delightful town that unfortunately was absolutely heaving with tourists when we landed off the ferry so to a certain extent we could not appreciate fully its delights. Rather similar to the situation in Dubrovnik when 5 cruise ships have disgorged their passengers.
We enjoyed wonderful walks along the flat promenade in Garda that must stretch about 6kms from its northern end to Bardolino, the next town south.
Our final boat trip took us to Salo where Mussolini set up his HQ after being ousted from Rome, and what a wonderful, sophisticated town it is. Lots of very upmarket shops where we bought a Rolex each, a cashmere for my wife and a dozen pairs of top range shoes.....and if you believe that!!!!!!

The crowds are gathering!

The wedding car

The highlight of this visit occurred just as we were rounding a corner in the town and there against a wall sat a 1977 4/4 in white with well patinated red upholstery. Needless to say it was being oggled at by a great number of passers-by and I was fortunate to talk to the driver who was a member of a firm which has classic cars for hire.

This one had been hired as a wedding car and the bride was in the nearby Town Hall. Sadly, just as she was about to come out into the warm sunshine and into the Morgan, when I would have taken a photograph our ferry left for the return trip to Garda, ah well!
It doesn't get much better!
Great holiday, but if you care to read my review of the Hotel Terminus in Garda, mine is the one showing a picture of me standing next to the Morgan, you will realise that it was not all a bunch of roses.
You may notice a missing flag! I did mention it to our waiter who said that it had blown down in a gale and if I looked closely the German flag was broken as well!!!!!! Apparently local Council finances wouldn't run to replacing the Union Jack until next year!

Monday, 17 July 2017

On a Summer day.....

.......we set off for the Yorkshire Dales.

We pointed the Morgan, freshly polished, towards the Trough of Bowland from where we made our way to Slaidburn and on into Yorkshire.
The descent through the Trough of Bowland
Two mediocre pork pies for our little picnic were bought in Settle and we then headed out on the tiny road to Malham.

The surface had been recently relaid and chippings were flying from other vehicles that were ignoring the 20 mph speed limit, plus there was a Council lorry sweeping up the chippings and creating a considerable amount of dust.....not the place for a newly polished Morgan!!

Surprising how many cars have defective speedometers nowadays!!!

However, we found a lovely area where we could have our picnic, enjoying the extensive panorama across a lump of Lancashire, the Cumbrian fells and the beautiful limestone landscape of the Yorkshire Dales.
Our picnic spot with, in the distance, Ingleborough on the left and Pen-y-Ghent on the right.

Towards the west.
We headed back home via Ribblehead, looking once again at the wonderful viaduct carrying the Settle to Carlisle railway, Ingleton, Burton in Lonsdale, Hornby, Littledale, Quernmore and all stations to Poulton-le-Fylde.
Gorgeous! ...and the wife's not bad either!

Looking north from above Littledale towards the Lakeland fells in the haze.

A great run with the Morgan performing beautifully.